Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Jolly, Happy Soul

Thirty of them, actually. The girls and I made these little fellows to be Christmas gifts for their Sunday School classmates. Our snowmen were patterned after a very similar Frosty my oldest purchased at the Festival of Trees at the end of November. The little pots were painted white by a few cute little elves. The eyes and noses were hot-glued on (Mom's job) and the coal mouths were put on using a black paint pen. They were filled with a small assortment of candies including kisses and my personal favorite mini reese's pb cups (yum!). Finally the little green hats were sewn using a fabric scrap from who-knows-when. Each hat has a tiny red bell which was tied on using red embroidery floss. My youngest says she can't wait for Sunday so she can have a snowman. Being only three-years-old she doesn't quite get that they are for her friends and not her.


Anonymous said...

Those are adorable! What a good idea. Sounds like you might need to make one more though.

Mama Bear said...

Cute! Adorable!

Looking forward to seeing the finished socks.

Mama Bear

Anonymous said...

Those are adorable snowmen! I love them!