Friday, October 20, 2006

finished afghan

Dear Mom,
It is my hope that as you wrap in this blanket, you can know how much I love you. Not a single moment spent on even one stitch was wasted. Each wrap of the yarn around the needle was a prayer for you.

Because I could never thank you enough ...


Well, I wanted this to stay serious but because my mom has such a funny sense of humor, it can't. The pillow reads: "Maybe the Hokey Pokey really is what it's all about!" Mom was given this by a friend one Christmas and faithfully it sits in her living room. She even made a few of her own to give away to other friends the following Christmas. The afghan does not live there on the rocking chair. I don't know that it actually has any one place where it belongs. It kind of migrates around the house as far as I can tell - and that is fine with me.


Wool Winder said...

A moving afghan is a sign it is being used and loved.

kim said...

it's beautiful, Marcia!! What a lovely tangible piece of love.

Mama Bear said...

The colors are beautiful. The stitchwork is beautiful. Most of all, the love you and your mother have for each other, and the love and prayers that went into making this are beautiful. May we all be blessed with such loving children.

knitalittle said...

Oh it turned out beautiful and the note.....What a lovely note. Thank you for sharing. I'm sure when ever your mum curls up in your afgan she will feel that love everytime. Thank you for sharing.