Sunday, September 17, 2006


Yum - peaches! Saturday we went to a wedding in a small town about a half an hour north of us. This little town is known for their peaches and actually host an annual event called "Peach Days". We decided to buy half a bushel while up there. Oh. My. They are absolutely the tastiest peaches I have ever eaten! I will be going back up there on Tuesday to get more to bottle and make jam.

This bowl of milk and peaches was my dinner tonight. Inspired by Mama Bear's yummy end of summer fruit pictures, I decided to immortalize my evening meal today. Unlike Mama Bear I don't peel my peaches as the furry skins have never bothered me. Call me crazy.

If this keeps up I may consider changing my blog to "anteat" ...


kim said...

peeling peaches! that's a great idea!
I was brought up with the "must eat the skin" mentality (it's where the vitamins! minerals! and fiber! live) ... but therefore I'm not fond of peaches because they're all a little too ... fuzzy. So maybe I should PEEL them! And enjoy them!
Of course, they don't grow around here I don't think. Do they? See how not-smart I am?
They look beautiful and sound wonderful.

Wool Winder said...

Love fresh peaches! The one's in the grocery store have absolutely no flavor. Enjoy!

mopsmamajen said...

That looks very good! We love peaches too, but we do peel them. That shouldn't surprise you though :lol

Mama Bear said...

I just can't DO fuzzy peaches! But those sure look good. Did you go back and get more?