Wednesday, September 13, 2006

more with the dishcloths

Kinda feels like I fell off the blogging face of the earth. We had some seriously annoying internet problems for a while. We still have trouble from time to time, but nothing like it was so I won't complain.

I have been knitting though, and I guess that is what's important, huh? I've finished a bunch of our Christmas gift dishcloths. All of the patterns I have been using are from The Dishcloth Boutique. I may try some more patterns in the near future, but the three I've made are Textured Slip Stitch, Grandmother's Favorite, and my latest favorite: a modified version of Chinese Waves. I have a Chinese Waves cloth on needles right now. I like the variegated greens of this yarn. When I'm finished I will give this one to my sister. Over the weekend I did another in the rainbow yarn (I think it's actual name is Fiesta, but I'm not sure) for another sister. We were all out of town together for the weekend so I was knitting everyone dishcloths. I still have a lot of cotton that can be knit into dishcloths. I don't know that I will get it all done by Christmas or not. My favorite is the multi-colored variegated cone. The yellow variegated cone has the beginnings of a cloth my nine-year-old is knitting. The other colors I've enjoyed knitting include, fiesta, the green variegated, and white. I wouldn't have ever considered that the color of yarn would have an effect on how I felt about the knitting, but it does.

Other knitting I've been working on includes a burial gown and a preemie blanket, both for LucyBug. Also, there is a light at the end of afghan the tunnel. I am nearly finished with the seventh strip, and the pattern calls for eight. I may do one or two more, as it turned out I accidentally knit it a bit longer than it was supposed to be. We shall see how it goes.


Kim (she's back!) said...

I love the way you have all the yarn, and all the cloths, arranged in the sink! That looks so artsy! I never think of dishcloths looking pretty, but wow those really do!
Maybe I'll start with dishcloths, is that a good place to start learning to knit?
I think my hands are just about ready for it!!!!!!!

Wool Winder said...

Wow, that's a sink full! You have been busy. I feel like knitting a discloth now.

Mama Bear said...

Those look great! I love the mix of colors. Good to see you back :)

knitalittle said...

Glad to have you back!!!!!!! Now I'm tempted to knit up a wash cloth or two.

mopsmamajen said...

You've been busy knitting! You're a LOT farther along on your Christmas knitting than I am! Yikes!