Tuesday, November 02, 2010

a trellis scarf

I've got a new crochet stitch pattern that I adore. It makes a mesh-like fabric and I've been using it for water bottle slings. Yesterday I decided to apply it to a scarf and some soft, yummy yarn. I don't know if the stitch has a name, it probably does, I can't imagine nobody else has ever dreamed it up before.

I call it a Trellis Scarf because the stitch reminds me of a once-white, weather-beaten trellis on the side of an old farmhouse, the kind a young man would climb to whisper to a girl upon whom he had a crush, long after her parents had gone to bed (oh dear, this image is starting to worry me because I, myself, have four daughters!).

The yarn is Patons Bohemian (poly/acrylic blend) in indigo. The scarf measures about 89 or 90 inches (oh how I love a long scarf!), plenty of room to knot around a neck and keep someone toasty and snug. The flower in the bottom corner is made of wool. The scarf can be machine washed in cold and left flat to dry.

Although there are holes throughout the pattern, this scarf is very warm and cozy.

It is for sale, $20, which includes shipping (in the US). If you're interested, let me know. I can run a sale through Etsy (so I'm told. I'll have to call my etsy-pro friend *hi Jamie!* for instructions, but she says it can be done!).

My daughter won a trip to Space Camp(!) from her teacher and though tuition is free, we are responsible for getting her there. I'm going to be making items to sell to help pay for her airfare.


Snot Head said...

It is great! I love the flower at the bottom. A very cute touch.

Ellen said...

Marcia, I LOVE it. I especially love the flower detail with cute button at the bottom. Beautiful designs...

Nancy said...

Beautiful scarf - sure to be someone's treasure soon.

Congratulations to your daughter.

Cassie said...

OMG That is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE it!

R Morrissey said...

love this! So pretty!

Anne @ floralshowers Craft said...

That scarf is really cute. I like the flower on the bottom, I am knitting a scarf right now and I might need to add a cute flower to it now!


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