Wednesday, August 18, 2010

we have a new baby

we found this little guy, a stray, near my parents' house. he was skinny. he was dirty. he was hungry. we brought him home. we named him barkley (after my childhood cat who was also black). we love him. he's had a bath. he's getting some meat on him. he's fitting in well.


Wool Winder said...

He looks perfectly content to be a part of your family.

farm chick said...

Cute!!! how fun

Nancy said...

Nothing says contentment like the soft purr of a sleeping kitten.


Momma B said...

I see your husband let you live! ;)

The kitty is so cute!

Cassie said...


Snot Head said... the picture of him sleeping. He looks so sweet! We have a black cat named Lucy (aka Lucifer and Rusifee). We didn't get to raise her from a kitten though. We adopted her.