Thursday, February 04, 2010

making hair pretties

hair pretties like these are super easy to make, just watch!

you'll need felt in 4 colors (the stuff I used is made from recycled plastic!), bobby pins, seed beads, needle, thread, paper, pencil, pins, scissors & hot glue gun (I would not use the low temp one for this).

on paper draw three graduated flowers, cut them out and pin them each on a different color of felt.

cut them out.

cut out a circle from the fourth color of felt large enough to be the center of the smallest flower. cut a second, smaller circle from the same felt as the largest flower. stack flowers and circles as pictured and tie together using thread, placing a seed bead in the center. tie in back with double knot.

out of the same felt used in the bottom flower, cut out oval or square large enough to cover back, but not big enough to be seen from the front. slide bobby pin over.

glue on the straight side of the pin (not the bumpy side).

press oval onto back of flower, but please be careful! I have a blister on my thumb from the glue.

my kind husband posed for this picture because the girls are at school.

now make more!


Momma B said...

Wow! These are adorable! I love them! I might even love them, like them and love them some more! Good job, Lady!

Snot Head said...

Awesome...So simple and so creative! I am in love, too. I bet even a big girl (i.e. me) could wear them. ;o) haha

Snot Head said...

I just saw your list of some books the girls like, and I saw the Magic Tree House series on there. I just learned about those, and I was really hoping to read book number 43 about the kids meeting the little Irish girl. I couldn't find it at the bookstore last week, though. I'll have to check Amazon. ;) Glad to know someone else has already checked them out. lol

Momma B said...

Funny that I came back here and just happened to notice that you are reading Tuesdays with Morrie, after my sister commented about a book (WHO KNOWS), but anyway I wanted to say that that is an excellent book! Loved it! Sad though!!!!

Jen said...

Those are adorable! Guess what my girls are going to get for Valentine's Day?!!! Guess that means I'll have to go to HL huh? Shucks...LOL!

Cassie said...

You are so creative! I love them!

Tami said...

Super cute! Jen made some similar for audj. She loves them.

Ruth's Place said...

These are so cute, and remind me yet again why I *need* a hot glue gun!

Jenny said...

I never would have noticed it was hubby's head modeling. I laughed! Mine would never have done it! I made these by layering felt shapes and sewing them together with a button on top, and sewing it through a "pony sox" (cloth hair elastic). Glad to know the audj loves them!