Wednesday, August 19, 2009

a dragonfly

One day late in June we came back home from being somewhere I don't recall. I noticed on a flower in the window box one of the largest, most beautiful dragonflies I'd ever seen. I assigned Doug the duty of keeping an eye on it while I ran in the house to fetch my camera. To my relief, the creature remained in place during my absence. I started taking pictures, and got some pretty nice ones, I thought. But then I realized there was no movement at all from the lovely dragonfly. I hoped he was sleeping even though I knew that not to be the case.

My Tessa has been having a particularly difficult time lately, reprocessing the death of her cousin, Lucy. The other day she told me she wants to go up to heaven, get Lucy and bring her back.

Sarah, my sister & Lucy's mother, has posted another blog entry about her girl. If at all possible, please donate to Lucy's tree. All of the money, every penny, goes to help children and their families at Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City, Ut.


Sandi said...

What a beautiful picture! I love dragonflies!

Momma B said...

My mom LOVED dragonflies! I got lucky enough to capture the image of one in June too!

I am sorry that Tessa has been struggling so much with why life is sometimes so cruel! I wish there was an easy way to explain it all away and make it all better! We both know better.

Have a great day Lady!

Nancy said...

Dragonflies used to scare me because of the clicking and buzzing sound they make. Now I tolerate them rather than actually like them. They are beautiful creatures.

Wool Winder said...

You were lucky the dragonfly stayed put. Nice photo!

Snot Head said...

That's beautiful. It makes me curious as to a dragonfly's life expectancy and what not. My display pic is the tattoo that's on my back of a dragonfly in memory of my mom and my own niece.