Thursday, March 29, 2007

baby sets

About a week ago I called the hospital where my daughter spent the first week of her life in the NICU (not long in retrospect, but it sure felt like it at the time). A nurse said they would like to have some hat/bootie sets and got really excited when I mentioned bereavement sets. The nurse I was speaking to felt bad for her excitement and responded, "It isn't good that we need them, but we do." I knew what she meant.

I do have a bereavement gown on needles, but I ran out of yarn and couldn't find it at the one store I've been to. I'm fairly certain I can find it locally, but may need to order online. I attempted another, but it just didn't work out well at all, so I don't have any photos of those to share just now. What I do have are pictures of some little hat sets that I will be donating for baby Marlowe.

For the yellow set I tried two new patterns and I really enjoyed both of them! I will be knitting them again in the future. The hat pattern is called Spiral Preemie Cap. Beth's Easy Knit Baby Booties really were easy to knit! I was also able to follow the instructions for the crochet tie! That's a first for me. I thought about knitting the whole bootie yellow but liked the idea of the white top looking like a little sock. The pink hat and the green striped hat on the right were both knit using a rolled brim pattern. The light green hat is a non-pattern and the striped hat on the left was using the little striped hat pattern of mine. All of the other booties are from the pattern called Michelle's Booties.


Wool Winder said...

Those are adorable!

Sandi said...

Those are adorable, our hospital provided each our children with sweet little caps when they were born. I thought it was so neat that someone who do that for our babies.

Jen said...

You knit such cute hat/bootie sets. And YAY!!! for doing crochet!!!

busyHSmom said...

Those itty bitty baby things are always sooo cute! And I love your rag quilt too!

I have been missing out on my usual blog surfing for the last several weeks, but now I am having fun playing "catch up" with some of the folks I usually drop in on. So here's my "Howdy!"

Vikki said...

Those are so beautiful, Marcia! What a ministry you have with your needles. Someday I wanna grow up and knit like you. :)


Candy said...

Precious! And, so glad that you've found a local donation spot. I know you're work will be so appreciated!