Saturday, February 03, 2007

Stitch Markers Show & Tell

I have long admired homemade stitch markers like the ones found on the Good to be Girl or Purple Duckie blogs. The other night something struck in me, Hey! I could probably make those! (I tend to have those light bulb moments from time to time about something fairly easy that I should have already realized - like knitting cable braids - I should have been able to figure out how to do them. I remember watching Amy's video clip about knitting cables and how she mentioned that braids are just cables within cables. Huh? I didn't get it. However I knew at some point I would - and I did! It dawned on me one day so at that moment I sat and came up with the braided cable square for Aaron's Afghan.)

But back to the stitch markers... I picked up some of the circles today when I went into work to get my check. I came right home and promptly forgot all about everything I had planned to do today (mainly painting green stems for the flowers that will soon adorn the walls of my daughters' room) and went to work. I have a bunch of beads already from my brief infatuation with jewelry making and was able to make two nice sets of five before I was ready to quit and start taking pictures.

Now I notice that the light wasn't very good. I hope you can see them anyway. My nine-year-old daughter pulled out her own beads and made some stitch markers for her knitting projects. I should get a picture of those but that will have to wait as she was summoned by her younger sisters to go play Care Bears.


Jen said...

Those are pretty! I have never used stitch markers. Sure would make counting easier! Yours are very pretty :)

Tracy said...

Very pretty! I made some stitch markers once (not as nice as yours), but found the dangling markers got in my way. I'm back to using plain rings now.

kim said...

those are really pretty! Nice work!

Mama Bear said...

Those are lovely! I snitched a few of PinkD's beaded markers when I was working on a project where I kept flipping the lighter markers off the end of my needle and losing them.