Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Headed for the Frog Pond

One of my little nephews is a frog maniac. Of course being his aunt I am entitled - nay - obligated to buy/make/find any and every frog item I possibly can for him. Last summer I made him a frog backpack that he loves and took to his first day of Kindergarten.

A month or so ago the newer version of the movie Cheaper by the Dozen (2003?) came on TV. We thought the movie was just ok. I noticed the character Sarah wore a knit frog hat for much of the movie. It occurred to me that I could make one for my nephew and decided his 6th birthday would be the perfect occasion to present him with such a gift.

It knit up quickly - in just one evening. I used up stash yarn and knit it on size 7 needles. I didn't really use a pattern, just started knitting and eventually I had a hat. The eyes were knit flat (the backs are green). I sewed the fronts and backs together then attached them to the
top of the hat. Not really a precise science.

I'm thinking about knitting some frog mittens. I'm not sure I have enough of the yarn though.


Mama Bear said...

Cute! LOL... I was trying to figure out why you were going to frog it. I know, I'm slow.

Wool Winder said...

It's adorable! Your nephew is going to love it.

kim said...

very cute.
but :err it's on a mannequin head, right? It's kind of freaking me out. LOL

That's a very cute way to make a hat, I'm ure he'll love it!

Jen said...

The hat is so cute! I love frogs too :)

Marcia said...

Thanks :) it was a fun hat to make.

Kim, it's really just a glorified barbie head. Does that help or make it worse? LOL

mllnclly79 said...

i've been looking everywhere for a frog hat pattern. this is fabulous! is there any way I can get you to share?