Monday, July 31, 2006

So there really can be a difference between dye lots

As it turns out, there's a reason you ought to check dye lots. Hm. Evidence: these poor booties! I didn't have enough yarn in my first ball to make the mate to this poor top bootie. So off I ran to the craft store to grab another ball. Of course dye lot did not even cross my mind. Fortunately it is just a small bootie so I wasn't out much time. I made two booties from the newer, more white and less cream yarn. The first? Well, perhaps I'll make another bootie out of some other left-over cotton and give them to the girls for their dolls.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

this and that

I mentioned in my previous post that I've had a lot of knitting time lately. I have made good progress on my mom's afghan (pdf), it is nearly halfway knit! Should we have a poll to see how many people think I will be able to wait until November (her birthday) to give it to her? (shh, I would probably vote against myself.)

I am using Caron Simply Soft yarn in sage, bone, dark sage and raspberry. I had wanted to use autumn red, but it was out of stock when I placed my order. I think the raspberry will be fine. I am knitting the individual strips on Clover bamboo single point needles size 10.5. The Clover bamboo needles are my favorite.

My other project has been wash cloths for my little niece.

I used a larger size needle to make them a bit bigger for bath time. They were knit using Lily Sugar 'n Cream yarn The pink cloth bears Baby's first initial. The variegated cloth is knitted to look like baby feet. I think if I knit this one again I will knit it with a solid color yarn. The white cloth spells love. These cloths were designed by Rhonda K. White.

My potter friend (I believe I mentioned her on my old blog) makes these darling little baby plates. A couple of weeks ago my sister-in-law and I went over and had her take a print of Niece's foot on a plate. My friend then added the baby's name and birth date. The plate is now finished and I have it along with the cloths to take down to my brother's house. Hopefully I can do that this afternoon.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

For all of you Preemie Project knitters...

Check this out: preemie Santa hat

How cute for December, huh?

I have some actual knitting content to post soon. I've been working on a few different things. The girls are in VBS and because I don't want to drive there and back and there and back I just pack along my knitting to work on while I wait. I also got in a lot of good knitting time during our long weekend to southeastern Utah (read: lots of time in the car on the way and also during the return trip). Here are a couple of shots of the beautiful desert off of highway 191, just outside of Moab, Ut.

I'm not sure what this is called, but I found it irresistible.

Wilson Arch

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Fourth of July - a little tardy

Well I know we are a ways past the fourth, but I wanted to post my Independence Day project anyway. Better late than never, huh? In May I saw some patriotic fabric on the $2 a yard table at Walmart. For some insane reason I decided to buy enough to make jumpers for the girls. I phoned my sewing friend in Iowa right there to ask her what yardage I ought to buy (I had decided against patterns because same Iowa friend often makes patternless jumpers for her five daughters). She helped me figure out what to buy and I headed home where I promptly forgot about the fabric and jumpers ... until Thursday June 29th.

My mom offered to help me sew them so I brought the fabric with me for my normal Friday trip. We didn't have time to sew them, but no worries, I could still work on them over the weekend. Except I forgot the fabric at Mom's which is a half an hour by car. Ugh. We were scheduled to go down there on Sunday evening. I couldn't justify an extra trip with gas prices like they are so I waited.

Monday I sewed as much as I could between errands and household things that had to get done. Did I mention that the girls were to be walking in a parade Tuesday? Ha. I did manage to get the dresses finished. I was shocked to come out of the den (where my sewing machine is located) and see that it was 10 minutes to four. Ack! But the dresses were finished. I'm no pro sewer, but the girls liked them and I do think they are cute.

I made the jumpers reversible, though not the way reversible items should be done. Oh well. The smaller two are opposites of each other (one looking like the other when turned inside-out) as are the larger two.