Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The REAL test

The final test for a knitting blog - does it handle photos the way I want it to?

We shall find out...

I don't have any new knitting pictures to share (though I have a gown I'm finishing up and will blog about soon). These are some of the flowers from my mother's front garden.

Well, the pictures are not doing what I want them to do. It is frustrating. They keep messing up with the text and I don't know how to solve this problem. Ugh!

Perhaps I will just grin and bear it. I suppose it this is the most annoying thing, I can survive, huh? *breathe* I will just have to add all photos at the end of my posts. But I really don't like that idea. :(

Anyway, here is what you are looking at:

first are the blue Lobelia. They are growing nicely. I love how bright and happy they seem.

These next ones are, of course, pansies. Cheerful and colorful, what garden is complete without them?

The photo of the lavender looks like it just might be sideways, however that is just the way these are growing. Is that typical for lavender? I wouldn't know. I am not a huge fan of lavender scented products but I think the actual flowers smell heavenly.

Finally alyssum. The flower that fills my childhood memories more than any other. Nothing brings my heart home more than the sight of these tiny blossoms. White and purple are the colors I remember most. Certainly I have a flower bed full of them here too.

***UPDATE*** The problem seems to be an annoying incompatibility between blogger and my beloved mac. *sigh* I will have to post from the PC I suppose. I won't betray my mac. I will still do my blog checking and other posting from there.


Jen said...

You still have to sign up to comment on this blog place I think. LOVE the photos though. Such beautiful flowers!


Marcia said...

I think I just need to change my settings to fix that. Thanks for pointing it out!

Wool Winder said...

I'm not sure what trouble you are having with Blogger and Mac. Maybe you could email me about it and I could help, because I post from a Mac to Blogger with no trouble. I have to warn you before hand though...I have very limited computer knowledge.

Marcia said...

Hm, maybe it's my browser than? I'll try another of those. I'll also email you, thanks. :)

Kerry said...

I have this awesome program called Picassa2. It's like a photo organizer by Google, but you can post pictures to your blog right from the program...and even add an entry. It is much faster than going through blogger (trust me I know how blogger can be brutual with uploading), and you can upload up to 4 photos at a time. I highly recommened it. Here's the link: