Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sock Saga

Knit some socks. Sounds simple enough, huh? Riiiight. I wanted to make something special for Christmas for our pastor and his wife who really went above and beyond to be there for us during one of the hardest years we've faced. Nice warm socks for a cold Utah winter sounded like just the right answer. Man socks are easy enough, just a simple k2 p1 rib. I did have some trouble with the heel but once I decided to go back to my usual version I had no further complications. But when I got to the pink sock, it was a different story entirely. I wanted to make something pretty so I tried an eyelet pattern that I didn't care for. Pulled it out. I tried the Lombard sock but while I enjoyed learning how to do a picot edge, it wasn't the right pattern for what I wanted. I tried my pattern called sandy's sock but pulled that out too. Finally I modified that slightly and knit from the other end of the yarn (it was starting to feel rough from being knit and pulled out and knit and pulled out). Success! I finished them only hours before I had to give them away.

The past few weeks I've been knitting on my log cabin afghan (I know, it was supposed to be a Christmas gift. I didn't finish it),a bunch of dishcloths (and I've given most away now too) & socks for my youngest daughter who is four-years-old. She tends to have sensory issues and doesn't like store-bought socks in the least. She is thrilled that I'm knitting her socks again (she grew out of all of her old ones). I am considering putting in an order from knitpicks for some pretty new sock yarns (and the harmony needles look tempting too!).

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Merry Birthday to me!

On Monday I got an unexpected package in my mailbox. When I opened it I found it was a belated birthday/Christmas gift from my friend Jenni. She sent me two beautiful hand-knit dishcloths as well as a matching crocheted pot holder. The red dishcloth has an apple design in the middle. The white one has a super cool circle pattern around the edges. There was a pretty set of her stitch markers. I love them! Now I need to get knitting something so I can use them. Finally she included a book about the fruits of the spirit. I can't wait to read it.

Thanks Jenni!